Get out to the cinema, you don’t want to miss this!

From Jordan Peele (known from comedy sketch show, “Key and Peele”) comes a horror/thriller exploring modern-day racism in some very interesting and creepy ways. A young man is going to meet his girlfriend’s family for the first time and is quite nervous as he is her first black boyfriend.It all starts off okay however the family isn’t all what they seem and things slowly take a sinister turn, causing the film to be thrown into a creepy horror-filled last act.


Here are the things that I liked about the film:

  1. The tone of this film is established very well and quite quickly. It lets us know exactly what type of film it is going to be – funny but very awkward at times. There are some scenes which made the audience laugh at just how creepy and weird it was which I think is exactly what Peele intended with this film.
  2. The scares genuinely made me jump more than any other film of recent times. The scares don’t really kick off until the final act of the film however this doesn’t mean there aren’t a few dotted here and there that will indefinitely make you jump out your seat.
  3. The performances from the actors are all very solid. In particular the father of the girlfriend, played by Bradley Whitford. His outgoing personality mixed with his sinister agenda makes for a very interesting contrast when we see him on-screen. Another stand out was the hilarious LilRel Howery. He plays the main character’s best friend and acts as a brilliant comedic relief for the film. His scenes really break up the film and give us moments to relax and enjoy the comedic writing that Peele has shown he is brilliant at in the past.


Here is the one thing I would have changed about the film:

  1. The only thing I would have changed would have been the final act but only slightly. It might just be me but I felt the final act was a bit over the top but only a little bit and there are some parts about it which I can think of that would have made the final act slightly better. That’s not to say I don’t like the final act – I really do like it, it’s just I can think of a few small things I would have changed about it.


Overall, “Get Out” is genuinely one of the best horror films I have seen in the cinema. It’s awkwardly funny tone mixed with its serious racial issues makes for a really good and thought-provoking film when viewed. It will really get you talking afterwards to whoever you go to the cinema with and will definitely remain in your mind for the days after. If you are considering this film I urge you to get out and see it

Verdict- 9.5/10


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