My Top 5 Favourite Animated Films.

This will be my quick ranking of my top 5 favourite animated films of all time.

5: Shrek (2001)- When you seriously think about this film it is really quite strange. An Ogre named Shrek and a donkey named, well…Donkey? Team up to rescue a princess from a castle guarded by a dragon with lipstick, who then goes on to fall in love with Donkey and have little dragon babies. Seriously… this film is ace. Full of laughs and a great soundtrack.

4: Finding Nemo (2003)- When a film about fish can truly captivate an entire audience you know you must be doing something right. It has a brilliant story which juggles moral issues faced in human society and family issues which im sure people can relate to. Twists and turns keep this film on its toes and-to this day will keep an audience glued to the screen.

3: The Lego Batman Movie (2017)- The most recent film on this list, Lego Batman manages to stay true to original source material while making complete fun of it at the same time. Its full of laughs, digs at the old tv show, and fantastic characters. Zach Galifianakis as the Joker is absolutely brilliant and may be one of the best Jokers that have graced the big screen.

2: Toy Story 2 (1999)- In my opinion, the second instalment of this trilogy (soon to be anthology) is the best one thus far. The other two were great but something about this one has me coming back every now and again to give it a watch. A great story, great voice acting and animation. A great film.

1: Monster’s Inc. (2001)- At number one comes the best monster movie of all time. Monster’s Inc. is definitely my favourite animated film of all time. It does everything right in my opinion, and has some of the greatest protagonists that have ever been on-screen. It has heart, laughs and emotional moments that all blend to make a fantastic film.


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