My Top 5 Favourite Thriller/Drama Films.

This will be a quick ranking of my top 5 favourite thriller/drama films of all time.

5: Memento (2000)- Christopher Nolan’s “Memento” did what no other film had ever done and was put together in reverse order. This meant the first scene in the film was technically the last. Sounds weird I know but this film is so gripping and puts you right into the eyes of the protagonist as he struggles with short-term memory loss.

4: Reservoir Dogs (1992)- No thriller list would be complete without a Tarantino masterpiece and this is exactly that. With typical Tarantino codes such as mass amounts of over-the-top blood, guns, dark humour and edgy subjects- this film has it all. Full of amazing characters this is one film you must see if you haven’t already.

3: Se7en (1995)- A film all about the seven deadly sins stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as detectives who are tasked with finding a serial killer. It is so gripping, gruesome and full of moments that make your heart stop. It’s full of moral decisions and biblical influences. Let’s not forget the awesome Kevin Spacey who is brilliant as the villain. What’s in the box?!

2: Inception (2008)- You knew it was coming. The mind destroying “Inception”. A dream, within a dream, within a dream, withi….. Expertly done by Nolan, it follows a group of people who are able to infiltrate people’s dreams and extract information from them. With Leonardo DiCaprio at the forefront of this epic you know you’re in for a good time. This film is excellent.

1: Ex-Machina (2015)- Three main cast members for the whole film. One remote setting. This follows the story of a man who is brought out to his boss’s remote compound to test his newly created AI. I absolutely adore this film. The characters, the magnificent score, the ever changing twists. It has it all. If you have not seen this film, WATCH THIS FILM.



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