My Top 5 Favourite Sci-Fi Films.

This will be my personal ranking of my top 5 favourite science fiction films of all time.

5- Jurassic Park (1992): When the world was finally given breath-taking dinosaurs on the big screen. This film explored what would happen if humans were able to bring back dinosaurs from extinction and show them to the public in the form of  a theme park. With genres of action, adventure and sometimes horror-this film really understood what it was trying  to be and gave us a memorable story which will never leave our hearts.

4- Blade Runner (1982): With a film set in a dystopian future in which human synthetics are being tracked down and destroyed by Harrison Ford what about that sounds bad? Exploring moral and ethical issues, this film shows us what it’s like when human play God. A sequel is set to release in late 2017.

3- Back to the  Future (1985): Time travel done right. With great performances throughout the entire film and great set locations that really make you feel like you have been sent back to the 50’s. It sparked the formation of two very good sequels which created a fantastic trilogy that will forever be one of the best in sci-fi history.

2- Alien (1979): Never has a sci-fi film truly terrified me more than Ridley Scott’s “Alien”. A claustrophobic horror which has continued to scare audiences to this day, this film has always managed to cause my heart to beat so quickly whenever I watch it. Some sequels followed but never managed to capture what made the first so great.

1- Empire Strikes Back (1980): My number one favourite science fiction film of all time. Empire Strikes Back has the heart, action and story which every good sci-fi film needs to succeed. The characters fuel the story which continues to surprise me to this day.


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