My Top 5 Favourite Horror Films

This will be my very quick ranking of my top 5 favourite horror films of all time.

5: Scream (1996)- A very simple premise. Someone calls you and torments you before entering your own home where you will soon meet your demise. Scream captured audiences from around the world and instantly became a cult classic to the genre. Lets not forget that iconic “ghost face” mask. Terrifying.

4: The Shining (1980)- As soon as you read the title I guarantee you thought of Jack Nicholson putting his face through door saying “Here’s Johnny!”. Instantly recognisable and terrifying-even to this day. For me, the shinning still continues to freak me out. Especially those ghost twins…

3: Dawn of the Dead (2004)- I know. A bit controversial putting in the remake and not the original. However, I prefer the remake as the zombies are much faster, much more aggressive and the story elements are much more darker. The performances are also generally good and the characters are interesting. There are still some stomach turning scenes which I still have to look away for.

2:  Jaws (1975)- Yes I know what you’re thinking. A shark movie. Seriously though, as a kid this film utterly destroyed my sleep. I couldn’t stop having nightmares about a shark coming through my bed and eating me alive. The theme tune, the actors, the story. All of it was beautifully blended by Spielberg to create one of the most well-known films in Hollywood.

1: Alien (1979)- This film on the other hand still gives me nightmares. The claustrophobic corridors of the Nostromo, the terrifying design of the “Xenomorph” (the alien), the memorable characters, that disgusting breakfast table scene and “Jonesy” the cat. This film for me, captured what made horror films so great and transported it to a sci-fi world. I love this movie.



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